Mary Bennett’s fight for women’s rights

“No department in the world can take the place of a child’s mother.” Mary Montgomerie Bennett’s vocal agitation in the early 1930s regarding the mistreatment and abuse of Indigenous women and children in Western Australia became the catalyst for a Royal Commission. Perth magistrate H.D. Moseley was instructed to investigate the treatment and administration of Aboriginal people in Western Australia. Bennett’s main concerns were what … Continue reading Mary Bennett’s fight for women’s rights

Not yet abolished: slavery today

It is very easy for first-world women to be brave these days. Simply take a makeup free selfie or plan a solo trip overseas and your courage will be applauded. If you exist in the middle class of western civilization, any small departure from the norm is considered to be extraordinary. Let’s put aside the underlying patriarchal assumptions that women need makeup to win the … Continue reading Not yet abolished: slavery today